Call for Applications: Fellow of the JNIS

The JNIS is seeking one US-based and one non-US-based neurointerventionalist or
neurointerventionalist-in-training to join the editorial board as a member of the Social Media
team. This exciting new role serves to increase the number of people who will disseminate
scientifically sound research bites with reference to full articles on Social Media. Candidates
will be expected to post 3-4 reviews of JNIS articles monthly on SNIS Connect and Social Media.
The Social Media Assistant Editors would review these posts before they are placed online.

Qualified candidates are expected to be active participants on Social Media. Twitter, Facebook,
LinkedIn and Instagram accounts are a prerequisite for holding this position, as is membership
in SNIS. Content should be focused on scientific and evidence-based information published in
either the print or the online editions of the JNIS. In addition, candidates would serve as a
“Social Media Journalist” during the SNIS and ESMINT Annual Meetings with the responsibility
of providing Social Media-appropriate summaries of the daily presentations. Interested
candidates can apply by sending their CV and a sample review of a JNIS article of their choice in
the style of previous SNIS Connect posts. The term of this position is one year.

Please send applications to by March 31, 2021.