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The Neurovascular Quality Initiative is a collaborative between the SNIS and M2S, a leading clinical registry provider, through the use of a Patient Safety Organization. The Registry plays a key role in helping to identify best practices and demonstrating the hospital’s dedication to improving patient care.

NVQI centers can compare processes, complication rates, and length of stay as well as medical device effectiveness. Specifically, the NVQI is designed to support individual neurointerventionalists and hospitals by driving better understanding of outcomes and developing best practice in neurovascular surgery.

Key Features of the NVQI Modules using the M2S PATHWAYS web-based clinical platform:

•    Flexible, real-time reporting and analytics for 100% of your cases
•    Physician-level variation and drill-down reporting
•    Cloud-based, SaaS platform offering 100% data capture with options for data integration
•    HIPAA compliant and Patient Safety Rule compliant for Patient Safety Organizations
•    Data import service available

Patient Safety Organizations

The SNIS Patient Safety Organization directs the data sharing partnerships and patient safety initiatives of the NVQI, led by a Governing Council of representatives from the SNIS. The mission of the SNIS PSO is to improve patient safety and the quality of health care delivery by providing web-based collection, aggregation, and analysis of clinical data submitted in registry format for all patients undergoing neurointerventional surgery treatment.

Quality Improvement

The NVQI uses M2S’s PATHWAYS clinical data performance platform to allow users to track, measure, and analyze clinical information, promote collaboration, objectively drive decisions, and optimize performance.

•    Identify real-time actionable data;
•    Compare procedural processes, complication rates, length of stay and other quality metrics;
•    Ability to assess device performance in real world;
•    Evaluation of the effectiveness of new devices and techniques

Research and Industry Involvement

Devices and techniques used in neurovascular patient care are rapidly changing. Physicians, industry and regulatory agencies all require tracking and evaluation of the real world effectiveness of these novel devices and techniques. By tracking each device used in procedures, NVQI provides a unique ability to monitor device performance and patient outcomes to support both improved patient care and clinical research.

Visit the NVQI website for more information.  Contact our NVQI Account Team today at  (603) 298-5509 x331, or NVQI@m2s.com, to arrange an interactive demonstration for your institution.