Challenges in Flow Diversion: Ruptured Aneurysms and Posterior Circulation

Recorded on Thursday, March 25, 2021

Speakers: Ricardo Hanel, MD, PhD, Peter Kan, MD and Ajay Wakhloo, MD, PhD

Moderators: Santiago Ortega, MD and SNIS Education Chair James Milburn, MD


Flow Diversion for Cerebral Aneurysms: Weighing the Options

Recorded on May 14, 2020

Speakers: Mark Bain, MD, David Fiorella, MD, PhD, Cameron McDougall, MD, FSNIS, Lissa Peeling, MD


Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysms: What is the Best Strategy?

Recorded on March 19, 2020

Speakers: Waleed Brinjikji, MD and Babak Jahromi, MD


Cerebral Vasospasm: Current Diagnosis and Treatment

Recorded on December 15, 2019

Speakers: Aaron Dumont, MD and Adam Polifka, MD


Wide Neck Bifurcation Aneurysm (WNBA) Embolization: Refining the Technique

Recorded on October 4, 2018

Speakers: Huy Do, MD and Alejandro Spiotta, MD


Flow Diversion: Refining the Technique

Recorded on June 7, 2018

Speakers: Felipe Albuquerque, MD and Ricardo Hanel, MD