Fellows: Education & Job Search

Educational Resources

  • Educational resources
    • @YoungNIR
    • org
  • Courses
    • SNIS Annual Meeting Fellows’ Course
    • There are industry-sponsored courses for fellows throughout the year.


Finding A Job

Finding a first job can be daunting. Here are a few resources to get started:

You can find opportunities on the SNIS Job Board. While efforts are made to maintain a list as comprehensive as possible, note that these opportunities are only known to us when hiring institutions reach out to our members through the SNIS.

A few tips:

  • Build your network early. Joining the SNIS is a great starting point, as you will meet colleagues in other institutions and have the opportunity to establish mentorship and other connections with more senior colleagues.
  • Reach out to your network when starting to look for jobs. Mentors, other SNIS members, colleagues, industry reps… News about open and upcoming positions can sometimes travel quickly by word-of-mouth.
  • Set your priorities. Particularly for a first job, the transition from the long years of training to practice can be daunting, and even disorienting. Personal, professional, geographical… Whatever your priority order may be, setting the order will help you navigate the opportunities ahead.
  • Understand your professional goals. Practice settings can range from large academic centers to hospital-based, or private practice. The practice’s priorities, resources, and possible career development pathways will differ in each setting.


“SNIS Graduating Class”

Are you graduating from Neurointerventional training this year and entering practice? We want to know who you are!

Every fellow who is a member of the SNIS and graduating over the next year, please enter your bio on SNIS Graduating Class! This is a public page where those looking to hire can seek out great candidates amongst graduating SNIS Junior members. While Graduating Class is not Fellows’ primary way to seek and apply for jobs, it offers an extra platform for those looking for their first jobs to gain extra visibility!

How to enter your bio:

  1. Login to SNISConnect
  2. Under “Latest Discussion Posts”, click “Post to this Discussion”
  3. Copy and paste the following, and enter your information.



Current institution:

Past institution(s)

– Med school:

– Residency:

– Fellowship(s):

My clinical and academic interests (<300 words please!):

I am currently looking for my dream job, which is…


I have a job, and will be entering practice at:

  1. Feel free to attach a professional picture!