Neurointerventional Trainees Section

Neurointerventional surgery is a unique, young and fast-growing subspecialty at the confluence of three disciplines: Radiology, Neurosurgery, and Neurology.

This section offers information for trainees who are interested in learning more about the field, Fellowship opportunities, as well as the various training pathways to getting there. It will also serve as a platform to connect with colleagues and mentors in the neurointerventional world.

Learn just what SNIS members do:

What is Neurointerventional Surgery?

Radiologists, Neurosurgeons and Neurologists all have different pathways to neurointervention:

How to become a Neurointerventionalist?

Hear from experts in the field about their experiences:

Why Did I Choose Neurointerventional Surgery?

Browse a list of Fellowship training programs (please contact the programs themselves for more information):

Fellowship Programs

A few tips and resources on starting your career and training:

Fellows: Education & Job Search

View Fellows Classes from the SNIS Annual Meeting’s Fellows Course:

Past Fellows Classes