NVQI-QOD Registry

NVQI-QOD Registry

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In an effort to improve patient care, the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery (SNIS) and the NeuroPoint Alliance (NPA) have combined their respective registries, NeuroVascular Quality Initiative (NVQI) and the Quality Outcomes Database Neurovascular (QOD NV), into one unified registry. This collaboration, NVQI-QOD, doubles the size of the parent registries and provides greater opportunity for collecting and analyzing perioperative and follow-up data.

The NVQI-QOD is governed by the SNIS Patient Safety Organization, which takes direction from a Governing Council comprised of representatives from both the NPA and SNIS. The NVQI-QOD is an externally hosted, web-based registry supported on the M2S® PATHWAYS™ platform.

The importance of participating in the NVQI-QOD

There is an increasing need to measure and improve the performance of the health care delivery system in order to provide higher quality care at the same or reduced cost. Because of their ability to capture structured, validated data on real-world patient populations, clinical registries have become essential for quality improvement.

Participation in the NVQI-QOD provides physicians and hospitals the ability to assess their incidence of complications, length of stay, and other critical metrics in comparison with national benchmarks for quality assurance and highlighting areas for quality improvement. NVQI-QOD includes many of the top medical centers in North America.

The Value to Hospitals and Physicians

NVQI-QOD allows physicians and hospitals to track their procedures, peri-procedural in-hospital data, and clinical outcomes of their patients. Because the database gives participating centers access to comparison data, hospitals and physicians can utilize that data to identify best practices and demonstrate a participant’s dedication to improving patient care.

Quality Data

The value of any database system is based on accurate and thorough entry of the data. The NVQI-QOD is supported by the M2S PATHWAYS data collection platform, which has built-in error detection. Regular audits help ensure data integrity and prevent selective reporting.

Data Collection and Analysis

NVQI-QOD is an externally hosted, web-based registry, providing stakeholders with the most secure and robust solution to the challenges associated with registry creation and data sharing. Users can access registries on this platform from any computer with internet access, and can enter data, submit records, locate existing records, and generate reports without storing any protected health information locally on their computer.

The PATHWAYS database is designed to easily integrate into a variety of workflows, allowing multiple users to access and enter data on a single form and to spread the responsibilities of data entry to more than one individual. The data entry process varies based on the number of modules and the number of physicians and support staff involved in the data entry process at each site.

Developed by physicians for physicians, the system captures 100% of procedures including important demographic, procedure, and post-op data to provide comprehensive outcome analysis and inform performance improvement. A significant advantage of the NVQI-QOD database is the inclusion of long-term outcomes to one year, or longer. Data reports can be obtained in real-time within PATHWAYS.

SNIS Patient Safety Organization (PSO)

The NVQI-QOD is governed by the SNIS PSO, which takes direction from a newly formed Governing Council comprised of representatives from both NPA and SNIS. The SNIS PSO collaborates with regulatory agencies and medical device companies to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of neurovascular devices. The SNIS PSO helps physicians and other healthcare providers to share and analyze clinical outcomes and data associated with patient safety.

Getting Started with NVQI-QOD

To enroll in the NVQI-QOD database, institutions contract with the SNIS PSO and M2S to ensure that standard practices are met with regard to patient confidentiality issues, data collection and entry practices, and use of the data that is collected.

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