Fellow of the SNIS (FSNIS)

Fellowship is one of the most prestigious honors granted to SNIS’ members, and is the ultimate recognition of professional achievement.

Inherent to being designated a Fellow of the SNIS (FSNIS) indicates that the individual is recognized for achievements in the field of neurointerventional surgery and for having served the SNIS.  Achievement in neurointerventional surgery could include clinical, educational, service and/or political contributions and scholarship/innovation.  Service to the SNIS could be from direct action as part of SNIS or providing significant contributions which furthered the mission of the SNIS.


Fellowship Requirements:
  • FSNIS candidates shall have been a Senior Member in good standing of the Society for at least ten contiguous years.
  • The candidate shall have made a significant contribution to the neurointerventional field as well as contribution(s) to the Society as determined by the policy set forth by the Fellows’ Committee.  When evaluating candidates for Fellowship, the Fellows’ Committee shall review the totality of the candidate’s contributions on behalf of Neurointervention and the Society.  Fellowship shall be awarded based on a long and consistent history of activities.
  • As per the criteria for fellowship, you must be present at the SNIS Annual Meeting to be inducted and be granted the designation of FSNIS.
As outlined in the Society of Neurointerventional Surgery’s Bylaws, the FSNIS designation shall be granted to members of the Society who have made a significant contribution(s) to the neurointerventional field and to the Society.


Application Materials:
  • Completed and submitted online application
  • A copy of your CV
  • A cover letter that includes documentation supporting and highlighting the criteria that you are applying under along with your accomplishments in the neurointerventional field and contributions to the Society
  • Photocopy of your Board Certificate
  • Two letters of recommendation from current FSNISs
To be considered for induction at the SNIS Annual Meeting, all application materials must be complete.


Letters of Recommendation
The letters of recommendation are a very important component of the Fellowship candidate’s nomination package.  As a general rule, more weight will be given to letters that provide substantial information as opposed to brief or pro-forma letters.  Sponsors should be encouraged to provide detail in their letters of the candidate’s accomplishments.

Letter of Recommendation form