Conditions & Treatments

There are many conditions of the brain and spine which can be treated through neurointerventional procedures, some of the most well-known including aneurysms, strokes and spinal compression fractures. Although neurointervention is not the appropriate treatment for every individual patient case that falls within these categories, these surgical techniques have proven themselves as viable and effective therapies that offer patients many benefits over traditional treatments, such as shorter recovery times, fewer complications and less post-operative pain.

Please click on the link below associated with the condition in which you are most interested in order to discover how neurointerventional treatments can be used to address that specific medical issue (more conditions and treatments coming soon). For more specific information regarding neurointervention as a treatment option for you or a loved one, please utilize the physician locator to identify a neurointerventionist in your area who can talk with you about your surgical options.

Acute Stroke
Brain Arteriovenous Malformations (AVM)
Cerebral Angiography